Welcome to Mumbai, a city with dreams. In every step, you will feel hot, dirty, crazy, beautiful, relentless, and inspiring!

If you are new in this city then you can travel to some of the places that are forgettable. Here you will see people who are struggling to become superstars. 

The energy of the city will attract you again and again. The city is sleepless. If it’s your first time in Mumbai, you enjoy a lot of camping near Mumbai. 

If you are a first visitor in Mumbai the guidelines will help you the most. 

In Mumbai, how you will travel:

From all over India it is easy to reach by plane Mumbai because of it's a new international airport. Though Mumbai is known as the city of joy and India's richest city, for one it is really easy to get to that particular place where you want to be. 

So many visitors stay in South Mumbai. And which is home for some of the world's greatest colonial era buildings and an impressive Art Deco heritage. Though Mumbai has the second largest collection of art Deco heritage buildings in the world behind only Miami, it will not waste your time to travel to the place. 

A popular time to visit Mumbai:

Mumbai has its own rhythm according to dramatic climate changes. The temperature does not differ from the year, but by month the weather contains dryness or heavy rain. And in the monsoon season throughout the country, it is totally wet and moist. In this season to visit in Mumbai is the great time mid October to till February when the weather is favorable. 

Between October and February there is less rain and the temperature is at the lowest. In February month in Mumbai there is a Kala Ghoda art festival which is very interesting and popular at the beginning of the month. 

Between March to May in Mumbai the temperature is dry and you can reach the hills in May. May is often the hottest time of the whole year in Mumbai. 

Between June to September the monsoon season in Mumbai shows the heavy rainy days and it is not the proper time to go for a vacation. 

In the whole year the weather in Mumbai is average temperature and rainfall diagram below. 

Travel to Mumbai:

Mainly Mumbai is situated on the Western coast of India. It is totally up to you what kind of transport you prefer. 

Travel by Plane:

You take flights to Mumbai which will arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. After that you will reach Indira Gandhi airport at Delhi. If you are in a hurry to travel then take a flight to go. 

Travel by Plane: 

You can take the train from Delhi. Though train travel is pretty good to see around. Though it is not much cheaper than flights. But the scenery around you is much better if you are an explorer. You can book train tickets by using the IRCTC website, it is much easier to book a ticket. 

Travel by Bus:

If you are going to Mumbai and you are thinking about getting a bus to reach it. It is not a pretty bad decision. It is another experience to gain. 

Necessary things to carry:

If you are on your road to travel Mumbai. So here are some necessary things to carry with yourself. 

A waterproof backpack and sturdy, water bottles it will the best if you are carrying at least two liters of water, some fresh clothes with extra, sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap or hat, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste with a toothbrush, tissue papers, energy drinks, some personal medicines, mosquito repellent, torch with an extra battery, and if you want you can carry some dry foods, and of course camera to capture the nature. 

If you are a person who loves to explore some new places around the nearest places. Just pinned the date and went for a while far from the crowd. You will be able to find yourself with some picturesque views, thick forest hills, and glittery combined sea or Greenlands. And the beach sites of the sea with a local area try to boat and flow yourself with nature's rhythm. And you will love to enjoy the sunset walking around the hills. In the sun rays for a moment you can feel sensations with extreme warmth. 

Aftermath as the night comes and the lights on woods and the beach site you will just fall in love with the mesmerizing views. Just enjoy the awesome live sights on your own. Near Mumbai each of the places are best to visit apart from your tide schedule. Mumbai has some unique places to visit.


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